MyStory#01 – How I ended up studying Computer Science

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When I was a little kid

When I was a little kid, I used to get average results in exams. I always struggled somewhere in the middle of the rankings. Heck, in class five (or was it class 6?) I even failed once! Scored 48% only. Luckily my school did not make failed students repeat the year so I managed to move on. I mainly struggled with subjects that required memorizing a lot, e.g, geography, history, English language (I didn’t remember spellings/grammars :v). I guess my memory was never my strong point.

Apart from studying, I didn’t really have anything else to do. I spent my free time watching cartoons and playing video games. This really annoyed my father. He would always complain about how he never saw me studying. In my defense, I used to point out that he never saw me studying because he came home late (he was a doctor and very workaholic) and obviously I was done with my studies by the time he came home. He never bought my logic though. He would say, “Son, if you don’t study till midnight, can you even call that studying?”

My results started to improve once I reached class eight. We started to prepare for O Levels exams and it was our decisions what subjects we will give exam for. So when I replaced memorization heavy subjects like Geography and History with Physics, Chemistry and Biology (this also had memorization in it, but at least there was some logic with it! Can you show me any logic in Geography or History?), my results improved automatically. I was finally a good student!

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