SPOJ ASCDFIB – Ascending Fibonacci Numbers

SPOJ ASCDFIB – Ascending Fibonacci Numbers is one of the earliest problems I created. This problem was used in one of the internal contests of Daffodil University. I was aiming for an easy, but a tricky problem and thus the following problem was created.


Read the complete description of the problem from SPOJ ASCDFIB – Ascending Fibonacci Numbers.

Before you continue reading the rest of the post, please try to solve the problem on your own.

Problem Summary

  • Given $A \leq 10^5$ and $B \leq 10^6$
  • Print from $fib(A)$ to $fib(A+B)$ in ascending order.
  • $fib(n)$ is $n_{th}$ fibonacci number mod $10^5$.
  • If there are more than $100$ terms in output, we need to print just the first $100$.
  • There are $100$ test cases.
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